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About Springhead

Sprinthead is a virtual reality development environment with a focus on real-time rigid-body motion simulator.

Sprinthead has following feachers as a physics simulator.

Joint does not come off
Degrees of freedom reduction method (Featherstone's method: not coming off joint) can be used with LCP (contact calculation) at the same time.
Hard to oscillate
Stable simulation (including controller) has been achieved by incorporating spring damper and so on as constraint conditions.
Fast but does not pass through
Judges contact between convex shapes using our own continuous contact determination algorithm.
Simulation states can be stored/restored
Can go back to any time step, and compliant trajectory tracking can be made.

Following appliction support functions are provided.

  • Can be used from script language Python. Cooperation with built-in Python.
  • Support for making characters and virtucal robots.
  • Connecting function with haptic interface (multi-rate haptic rendering).

See Introduction and Document for details.


Recent Release

core/src/Samples/Physics/BoxStack will be a good start point.

  • Newest development version, Past versions : see Download