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  • Physical engine for VR development

How to use


  • http://springhead.info/archive/
    Please, download and then extract Springhead_[date].tar.gz (the latest one) in your local proper folder(c:\home\project\). but, please take notice of specifing folder name without including space or 2byte characters.

Installing and compiling


Automatic generation reference manual



  • Confirm which the path is C:\DXSDK for DirectX files.
  • Applying the SP6 to the VC6.If not, errors may happen in "TVector.h" area.
  • if errors is ocurred in SETUPAPI.H during compiling,delete "HID/WBHID.*" from the "WinBasis.dsp".
  • we could not assure that this program might work well in VC7.1・BCB6 environments.If you have a trouble about this,please we recommend that you use the old version. Build of this morning is useful for resolving compiling problems of your program.
  • the renewal note? memo or record concerning up-to-date source tree(VSS)

Projection Matrix

  • there is information of the Projection in GRCameraData(src\Graphics\GRCamera.h), but there is no form of matrix, entering front or back disjointedly.
  • Where is used the information, is src\ImpD3D\D3Render.cpp L107 around.
  • As for GRCameraData, you can acquire with D3Render::camera->data.

Source Tree

Anyway, workable sample:Sample/DynaHaptic with VC6 environment is put on archieve: http://springhead.info/archive/. The latest version refers to the setting method of the VSS?

Setting of object's position

When U use PHSolid,don't use SGFrame::SetPosture(). Because,it overwrits Solid every time. PHJoint and PHSolid is also the same. It doesn't work well if it doesn't rewrite it with PHJoint.

Explanation of Package

  • Graphics Package? Package related to Graphics
  • Physics Package?physical engine
  • Collision Package?Collision detection engine

Explanation of Class