Choreonoid Springhead Plugin

  • This plugin enables using Springhead as a physics engine of Choreonoid.


  • git client (if you want to clone the repository of Springhead and/or Choreonoid)
  • python3 (current Springhead build system uses python)
  • Visual Studio (if you want to build Springhead and/or Choreonoid on Windows. VS2015 recommended)

Springhead Installation

  • Clone from or download zip.
  • Common Settings
    • Edit SprDefs.h and comment out the following lines:
      • #define USE_GLUI
      • #include "UseClosedSrcOrNot.h"
      • #include USE_LAPACK
  • On Linux
    • Open terminal, move to Springhead/core, type make. This should produce core/lib/libSpringhead.a
    • Copy or move this file to Springhead/generated/lib/linux/ directory. (This step will be automated in near future)
  • On Windows
    • Open core/src/Springhead**.*.sln on Visual Studio (14.0 for VS2015)
    • Build with Debug/Release, x64 configurations. This should produce Springhead**.*[D]x64.lib in generated/lib/x64 directory (lib with D is debug build).

Build Choreonoid

  • Clone from or download zip.
  • Run CMake GUI
    • Set SPRINGHEAD_DIR to your Springhead top directory.
    • Configure and Generate.
  • On Linux
    • Move to build directory and type make
  • On Visual Studio
    • Open build/Choreonoid.sln on Visual Studio and build all.
    • Build INSTALL. Note that you must run VS as admin.


  • T.B.D.